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Essex Institute

Training in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Start your education to become a hypnotherapist
Our school has delivered accredited hypnosis and hypnotherapy training in the UK since 1999


"In 2005 I completed my courses with The Essex Institute under the excellent tuition and guidance of my fantastic mentor Terence. I absolutely loved my courses because Terence made each session so interesting that I couldn't wait for the following session knowing that I would learn even more. What an amazing insight into the workings of the human mind something that since my time with Terence has never ceased to fascinate me and which has enabled me to be in a position to help people which is my forte. I am truly grateful to Terence for his endless patience and his total honesty, no subject taboo attitude which is vital given the nature of our work and great preparation for challenging situations. He fed my thirst for knowledge constantly and gave me the confidence I have when dealing with my clients who all comment on how comfortable they feel with me, all thanks to Terence. I would never hesitate to recommend Terence and his wonderful colleagues who are also a constant support system for me to turn to, I am so grateful for the opportunity I had because I love my work"
- Valerie Mulcare-Tivey


Welcome to the Essex Institute

When you are looking for advanced hypnotherapy / hypnosis training in the UK, you can do no better than enrol with the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. As from January 2017, we will offer online training only on a variety of advanced and practical courses for those who have already completed a baisc hypnotherapy training course.


A Genuine Institute

Although it is not generally well-known, the term 'Institute' can only be legally used if permission has been gained from the UK Government. Because we were able to show that we are eminent in the field of training and that we are involved in leading research, we were able to obtain the approval of the UK Secretary of State to term ourselves an 'Institute'.

Our advanced online courses are considered as suitable for Continual Professional Development by most major associations including:


The Essex Institute was created in 1999, first of all as the Essex College of Clinical Hypnosis, originally teaching just the one course, the Professional Practitioner Hypnothnerapy course. Advanced courses were soon added, the first being the much-acclaimed Warriors, Settlers & Nomads, the dynamic and modern version of Parts work that can resolve all sorts of personal issues such as low self-worth in barely any time at all.


Since then, a whole stable of work has been created by Terence Watts, much of it unique and sufficiently scientificaly sound that we were able to earn the title 'Institute'.


Your Tutor - Terence Watts

The Principal Tutor at the Essex Institute is Terence Watts who is recognised throughout the Hypnotherapy industry as a Master of the Profession. Originally trained in Harley Street, London, UK, he has been a therapist in successful full time practice since 1989 and has lectured extensively in the UK and abroad, including the USA and Asia. The originator of many professional training courses and professional books, he is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Terence's dynamically energetic style of teaching has earned him many loyal 'fans' world-wide thanks to his online advanced training beamed all over the world (see our Online Study page.) When you train with us, you are learning from a real expert with more than twenty-five years and 35,000 session hours (as at June 2014) to his credit!


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