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Training and support in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy since 1999


About Us

Hypnotherapy Schools and Hypnosis Schools...

There are many hypnosis schools and hypnotherapy schools to choose from, though very few of them have been approved by the UK Government to classify themselves as an 'Institute'. test

Because we are able to show that we are eminent in our field and that we are also involved in cutting-edge research into human psychology, we DO have such permission and therefore when you study with us you can be certain that you are receiving truly professional tuition from a professional tutor - not just from somebody who has only recently completed a training course themselves.


Personal, first class tuition

The Essex Institute is  dedicated to providing the very best of  tuition for every student, whether that student is very new and just venturing out into the world of therapy, or a seasoned professional looking to extend their skills and resources.


Our tuition is first class and our ongoing interest in our students is second to none, extending beyond training into lifetime professional support, whether you go into full-time practice or just do the occasional quit-smoking session.


The Essex Institute's Principal, Terence Watts, has been a therapist since 1989 and in that time has:


  • Completed more than 35,000 sessions of client work
  • Written several accredited courses
  • Lectured extensively in the UK and abroad, including the USA and Asia.
  • Written a huge number of books for professionals
  • Been instrumental in the creation of the Core Curriculum for Hypnotherapy Training Schools (as part of UKCHO)
  • Been involved in the rewriting of the National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy (as part of UKCHO)
  • Been instrumental in getting hypnotherapy accepted into the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (as part of UKCHO)
  • Created two entirely separate training Institutes 
  • Created two registering bodies for therapists (APHP and NRPC)
  • Created one of the largest Hypnotherapy Websites in the World ( 
  • Earned the MCGI award - the only psychology-related therapist in the world to have achieved this. This City & Guilds award is equivalent to a British Masters Degree 
  • 'Educator of the Year 2012' award by the IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association).


In May 2018, Terence was admitted into The International Hypnosis Hall of Fame - a rare honour reserved only for those deemed to be at the very top of their profession, at the pinnacle of success.


Being taught by somebody with this level of experience means that your training will be far more complete than you might otherwise find. Many students say that Terence's teaching is most definitely second to none!


Terence Watts

The Institute's principal, Terence Watts, has been a busy full-time hypnotherapist in private practice since 1989, helping clients to overcome all manner of psychological difficulties.

In addition, he is a popular International lecturer, trainer and presenter, as well as a published author of hypnotherapy books and manuals and has written dozens of articles for the journals of various of hypnotherapy schools.

The importance of sound teaching methods

At the Essex Institute, we ensure that a high standard of ‘hypnoeducation’ is maintained, both via the strength of the material being covered and the manner in which it is taught.  All our courses are now online so you can study from your armchair if you wish (nobody on the class can see or hear you so you can be totally relaxed!) 


Every course has professionally written and prepared notes that are emailed to you in time for the class, and every class is recorded for future viewing/reviewing or even downloading into your computer so you can keep them as a valuable study resource for as long as you want them.


You don't need any special equipment to study online - you simply register for free with the training platform and click on a link that will be sent to you. It's just the same as viewing this site, only more active!