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Essex Institute

Training in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Start your education to become a hypnotherapist
Our school has delivered accredited hypnosis and hypnotherapy training in the UK since 1999


"I did this course in 2001, it was life changing for me, not only did I gain so much knowledege and understanding with regards to helping others but I learnt so much about myself too and gained a great deal of confidence and a whole new perception of life!"
- Louise D'Arcy



Some of our graduates since 1999

These pictures are not any any special order - they are just some (a tiny selection!) of our past students taken on their graduation day - which is why they look so happy!

"I did this course in 2001, it was life changing for me, not only did I gain so much knowledege and understanding with regards to helping others but I learnt so much about myself too and gained a great deal of confidence and a whole new perception of life!" - Louise D'Arcy

"6 months into my training at EICH, I felt confident enough to embark on setting up a full time therapy business (initially providing smoking cessation only). Now, over 7yrs on, I am enjoying an enormously rewarding career as a respected and experienced therapist. I would highly recommend EICH to those with the passion and ambition to move into a new career." - Mark Reader

"When I decided to train as an Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist it was very important for me to train with the best possible person available, so I did a huge amount of research in to who to train with and Terence Watts consistently came out on top. I have had a great 2 years training and now I am in full time practice and this is in no small part down to Terence. His enthusiasm for what he teaches transcends the training" - Tony Burton

A very happy student!

In 2005 I completed my courses with The Essex Institute under the excellent tuition and guidance of my fantastic mentor Terence. I absolutely loved my courses because Terence made each session so interesting that I couldn't wait for the following session knowing that I would learn even more. What an amazing insight into the workings of the human mind something that since my time with Terence has never ceased to fascinate me and which has enabled me to be in a position to help people which is my forte. I am truly grateful to Terence for his endless patience and his total honesty, no subject taboo attitude which is vital given the nature of our work and great preparation for challenging situations. He fed my thirst for knowledge constantly and gave me the confidence I have when dealing with my clients who all comment on how comfortable they feel with me, all thanks to Terence. I would never hesitate to recommend Terence and his wonderful colleagues who are also a constant support system for me to turn to, I am so grateful for the opportunity I had because I love my work. Valerie Mulcare-Tivey

A better understanding
This course & the teachers gave me a better understanding of who I am, as well as the expertise to help others!The Essex Institute provides a very calm, informal atmosphere to work in and everyone is treated equally regardless of expertise or practice, whilst providing a web-site for further support from tutors and experienced therapists alike. - Lucinda Lee

All the skills I needed to cope...
Training at the EICH directly under Terence Watts prepared me to cope with the most tragic circumstances of my life when my 18 year old son was killed on his way to school. It has also helped provide me with the skills necessary to provide professional services to celebrities, professional fighters, actors, singers, rock stars and C-Class executives as well as a variety of other people from all walks of life - Bill Page

I never looked back!
I was so proud to qualify as a hypnotherapist in 2002 after a year of the most interesting and life changing learning experience I have ever had. I never thought I would enjoy studying for anything so much! It made a huge positive improvement to my life and I gained the skills and tools to help turn other peoples lives around too. I have never looked back - Brad Mace

I was initially captivated by the introductory material on the EICH website, but doubted I would be able to learn hypnotherapy - having done nothing like it previously. Thanks to the enthusiasm shown by Terence and his professional team of tutors, I felt my confidence grow as they carefully built understanding and knowledge via tutorials, anecdotes, practicals, general discussion and homework assignments. Without really noticing how or when, I already know that a new career path is beckoning - Dave Holtom

Exciting new knowledge!
I found this course almost by “accident” or perhaps fate! I began in January 2012 and have already booked other courses with The Essex Institute. The standard of teaching and quality of the course material gives full support to the student at all stages of study and development. This course has given me exciting new knowledge and understanding, already making improvements in my life. I also feel confident that my growing skills will directly benefit others. Truly an exciting road! - Jackie Staines

A progressive institute
Having trained with several organisations over the previous 20 years I eventually found the EICH in 2001. Even now they still impress me as a progressive, well led and efficiently managed Institute that provides a consistently high standard of ongoing Training, Support and Education - Colin Stallard

A solid foundation
The comprehensive training I received from very skilled trainers at the EICH as well as the comprehensive structured course material we accumulated gave me the solid foundation and confidence to start my professional career. That was eight years ago now and I still continue to enjoy my work. Aside from always taking so much away from the study weekends, we had a lot of fun along the way and I was sad when the ten months came to an end - Holly Goody

Still studying...
The course has been very professional, and great care has gone into the way it is presented, both in the materials provided and the practical aspects.I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and particularly appreciate the support and interest shown to every student. I am glad I chose to do the course, it has been thoroughly worthwhile, and I am very satisfied - Pauline Dunn

Stimulating environment
I enjoyed this stimulating learning environment so much that after I qualified from the Advanced course in 2005 (I'd qualified elsewhere in 2000) I stayed on as a classroom assistant for five years and have been a supervisor to other hypnotherapists from the EICH for the last seven. As a result of my superior learning at the EICH, I have become an expert in my field - Jill Harvey

Confident hypnotherapist
I completed the course in 2011 and have not regretted it for a minute. I found it interesting and knowledgable and supportive. The course content has covered every clients problems since I've been in practise and has enabled me to be a good confident hypnotherapist - Linda Savill

Full Value
I qualified in 2011 and it is only now, after a year in practice, that i understand the full value of my training with Terence at the EICH. It underpins my whole approach from the initial client meeting through to the moment their therapy is complete. The course gave me the confidence to KNOW i am doing the right thing at the right time and for the right reasons - Peter Chapman

Thank you EICH!
I completed the foundation course in 2004 and the advanced course in 2009. Both courses were comprehensive and the support materials, hands on experience and tuition provided were outstanding. These courses enabled me to set up my own Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy business, which has not only changed mine and my families lives, but also the lives of many satisfied clients along the way. Thank you EICH! - Robert Fairhead

All the above testimonials are genuine and represent a small selection of what we receive. All the original communications are held on file.
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