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Therapist Gold Standard

The Gold Standard in Practitioner Development!

Six Online Sessions 

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Clear the problems of Emotional Transfer and Client Fatigue - and get this:



The professional Maintenance Programme for Professional Therapists.


The professional  'mind worker' therapist inevitably is prone to being affected by the emotional baggage with which they work on a daily basis. Over a period of time this can affect confidence and well-being, leading to feelings of not being quite good enough for the important work you're engaged with.


The very best of therapists make sure they look after their own psyches as carefully as they do those of their clients and this online programme is designed especially to help the professional hypnotherapist or psychotherapist remain on top form so they can continue to provide the very best of care for their clients.


The Busy Therapist

The busier and more successful you are, the more likely you are to start experiencing the effects of helping others to get past their anxiety and other isues. This problem of 'emotional transfer' from clients can be all but invisible and leave you wondering if you are somehow slipping into a burnout situation, experiencing issues like: 


  • Loss of confidence
  • Sleeping problems
  • 'Imposter syndrome'
  • Self-doubt
  • Client fatigue
  • Inferiority anxiety
  • Career development fears
  • Creative block (not able to think on the spur of the moment)
  • Inability to 'switch off'
  • Feeling you must always be available
  • Trouble finalising sessions
  • Lack of recognition of value of self


An Experiential Programme

This online course is an experiential and participatory programme for small groups of professional practitioners and over the six one-hour sessions, you will be shedding all traces of self-limiting issues. Some of these will, for various reasons, have been been hovering in the background for a very long time, and the specific stresses and anxieties than can beset even the best of threrapists will have exacerbated them.


When you have completed this programme, you will not only be rejuvenated yourself but will have a set of specialised tools to maintain the 'new you'. You will also be able to display the 'Essex Institute Gold Standard Professional Therapist' logo on your website.



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The fee, including all notes and recordings of the sessions wil be GBP 249.00 for the six sessions. 


Please note: Numbers on this course will be strictly limited.