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Training and support in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy since 1999


WSN Level 3

The most powerful 'WSN' process ever! 

Create a direct communication link between the conscious mind and the Reptilian Complex.

Next course: Monday September 26, 2022, 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm

(And on the following 2 Mondays at the same time)


Please note: You must have completed the earlier levels of 'WSN' before you take this course. Although this course is designed to work best in conjunction with BWRT, it is now entirely possible to work without that resource.


This level of Warrior, Settlers & Nomads allows you to safely and effectively combine the cognitive work of 'WSN' with the direct access to the core self that BWRT® creates - this creates a combination therapy that can work with almost any presenting issue.


But 'WSN 3' is more than that. It takes account of the influence of the cerebellum being ‘first responder’ to all of life’s stimuli governing our total way of being.


The Strongest Psychological Drivers

WSN 3 provides access to three of the strongest psychological drivers ever known: Fear, Need and Greed. These are totally natural processes of the human psyche but because all but the most enlightened view them with some negative bias, we reclassify them when work with clients as: Type A (Threat Recogniser), Type B (Fairness Focused) and Type C (Ultimate Survivor) respectively. The new software makes it easy to access these with astounding accuracy.


In practice, this means you can now target therapy for more precisely to the core driver - and if you thought working with WSN was powerful, you will be stunned with the level of ability to apply precisely-targeted work with the Warrior Leader, Warrior Crusader, Warrior Ruler, Settler Artisan, Settler Philosopher, Settler Carer, Nomad Entertainer, Nomad Traveller and Nomad Trickster.


Previously, these were calculated by the balance of W, S and N... but using the base driver to identify them provides  a laser-like accuracy that allows fully detailed and precise working practices with each. You will learn the ideal therapy, the ideal communication, and the likely 'secrets under the hood' of each type!


A Curious Statement

There's more. This is directly from the course notes: "Consider this rather contentious statement: There's no such thing as a negative personality. Of course, we all know what is meant by ‘negative’ in this context but the second you take that on board you are giving your own Reptilian Complex a specific message: ‘This client is negative and therefore resistant to my work. I have to try to find a way to overcome their resistance if we are to be successful.’ It is a view that is held by many, maybe most, therapists and although it’s not immediately obvious, it is definitely counter-productive to the creation of sustained change within the client."


As you'll discover on the course, it's not negativity but a resource that is every bit as powerful as what many would classify as a positive mental attitude. What this means is:

  • The therapist who sets out to overcome the client's resistance is trying to get the better of the client
  • The therapist who seeks to bypass resistance is ignoring one of their client's major resources - the ability to stand firm.
  • The therapist who fully understands the source and nature of the resistance works with it instead of against it.


Added to this is a revealing look at the nature of conflict and a detailed analysis of each type via:


  • Quick recognition guide
  • Client handling
  • Available psychological resources
  • General demeanour
  • Communication
  • Possible difficulties 
  • Symptomatic work
  • The best way to present therapy
  • Suitable therapy


This is a six hour course which will give you information it has taken years to collect! 


The next course will commence on Monday September 26, 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm


There are 3 lessons in total, each lasting for approximately 120 minutes at a cost of only £299.00 Sterling for the entire course including all notes and video recordings.


Please remember to download the 'Instructions' file after enrolling!