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The Forces of Transference

Transference is the chameleon of therapy - but infinitely more dangerous!


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Transference can make a therapy work as if by magic - or it can completely wreck it and unless you know how to recognise it and use it wisely, it can even finish your career as a therapist. The biggest problem is that it is all but invisible and the stronger it gets, the more invisible it becomes... and the more dangerous it gets.


In this one-off class, you will learn:

  • Transference is not what you think.
  • Where it comes from and why
  • Good Tranference and Bad Transference
  • Using the phenomenon safely
  • How it can contribute to therapist burnout
  • How to avoid being hijacked by it
  • When and how to bail from the whole thing


It's not what you know...

A wise man once said: "'It ain't what you know that causes you a problem, and it ain't what you don't know that causes you a problem - it's what you don't know but think you do that causes the problem."


It is a fact that many therapists think they know what transference is - after all they've been taught about it. But they are often not taught the exact 'nature of the beast' and are therfore not fully aware of its power and why it's often so invisible. We might be taught various different versions of the idea that it's 'left over emotion' from childhood... but it's actually a lot more profound than that. And a lot easier to understand the importance of it once you know the secret! 


Transference starts before the client has even met you and can result in them 'bailing' before therapy is complete... or plunging wholeheartedly into an investigation of the most traumatic events from their past. It is the reason why some therapists rapidly establish themselves, while others struggle and never quite manage to create a sustainable practice in the first place.


This seminar will teach you exactly what it is, why it can so easily cause the problems that it does, how to make sure you use it wisely and how to make sure it doesn't lose you more clients than it gets!