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Training and support in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy since 1999


The Professional Practitioner Training Course (page 2)

What's included in the course

The course materials are extensive and include:
all required course books and materials, exam and assignment assessment fees, lifetime free access to professional help by FAX/Email/Telephone*, plus extra first-class resource materials as detailed on the previous page


You need no previous experience in this type of work because we assume you know nothing about the world of therapy and take you from the very beginning to fully qualified professional therapist. 

As long as you have an interest in people, you will easily be able to complete this course - and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it at the same time!

Our Accrediting Bodies

Any school that runs the Essex Institute Professional Practitioner Course will ensure that you have automatic eligibility for enrolment into oe of more professional bodies, which may include any or all of:



Qualifications and Certification

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On the successful completion of the professional examination at the end your studies (you take the exam home with you to be completed within one month) you will receive a diploma in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy along with an Advanced Diploma in Hypnoanalysis and pre-approved application forms to join any of accrediting organisations (optional - subscriptions apply). You will be eligible to put 'DHP' after your name ('DHP' is an industry standard classification of a Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy) and depending on which associations you join, you will have other letters to put after your name as well.


What You Will Learn

You will learn absolutely everything you need to know to go into practice successfully, including the modern approach to all these issues: What hypnosis can and cannot do and how to use it safely; dealing with habits such as smoking, and nail biting; working with relationships and sexual problems; working with 'Mindfulness'; dealing with depression and stress; helping with anxiety, fears and phobias; successful weight management and more... and of course, there are practical considerations to be taken into account so we also advise on: Safety precautions, understanding legal issues and requirements, finding clients and running a successful practice, how to set up your hypnotherapy room, maintaining client records and creating a professional working environment. Literally everything you need is covered in this course.

When is it and how much?

Next Course Dates - there are no more classroom-based courses at the Essex Institute but the same course will be conducted in other venues, soon to be listed.



Schools set their own fees but will normally be in the region of £2000.00 - £2500.00


Advanced Training Option: Most of our advanced training is now carried out online so you are able to extend your skills with further study online, which would earn you the Advanced International Diploma - our Online Training Page lists the advanced courses you will be able to enrol on if you wish.

Terence Watts

Time Needed

The Professional Practitioner course is of approximately 450 hours in total, 150 of which are in the classroom. In addition to this you will complete a different assignment each month, all carefully graded to gradually increase your skills and expertise.

They can be completed comfortably by most people with a commitment of around 6-8 hours per week.

Six good reasons

There are many excellent reasons to study with us but here are 'six of the best':

  • The course was established in 1999 and was successful from the beginning
  • There is as much supervised practice as there is theoretical learning - both are vitally important
  • The course is only ever taught be experiended and properly qualified professional practitioners
  • Everything you need is included, including exam marking fees and all course reading materials
  • You lwill earn absolutely everything you need to know to go into practice and be successful
  • You will learn a solid foundation to which you can add any specialisms or advanced training

Finally... if you want to discover more about how to find a good training school, download this free info sheet and you'll find everything you need.


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* You will need to first contact your supervisor/mentor