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Training and support in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy since 1999


SymbioDynamics® Personal Coaching

NEXT COURSE is Classroom based in Gloucestershire, September 14/15, 2019.


SymbioDynamics® is not NLP nor is it a ‘rehash’ of analysis, regression, PARTS work, Solution Focussed Therapy, Creative Visualisation, Guided Imagery or Cognitive Behavioural Work – yet it combines elements of all of those. It is new, different, totally effective and provides a refreshingly new approach to Personal Coaching, Stress Management and Therapy – and it also allows the practitioner to work as effectively in the corporate setting as it does in with individuals.


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Now you can sort out your client's difficulties (or your own!) with M.A.G.I.C!


M.A.G.I.C! Is the acronym that holds the essential key to one of the most amazingly successful coaching/therapy models ever!


It stands for:


  • Motivation - necessary for all plans to even start, never mind succeed. We will provide a ‘bomb-proof’ method for this important task.
  • Allocation - the gathering of the tasks or resources needed for success.
  • Generation - the creation of an effective plan to ensure the final acheivement.
  • Imagination - vividly imagining the practical processes to get a ‘feel’ for the plan in action and spot any likely pitfalls.
  • Cooperation - conscious and subconscious agreement is essential and this stage reveals any dissonance.
  • ! Stop! Think! Test! Forward pace to test the outcome of the plan as well as create a ‘failsafe’ process which constantly monitors progress.


Unfortunately, it is not at all uncommon for several of those stages to be running at the same time, in the wrong order or completely missed altogether. Then, this ‘undisciplined’ approach results in the process-related energies of the psyche being scattered, instead of brought sharply to focus on each element and the intended outcome of the plan is compromised. It is for this reason that a great many plans and schemes either fail or amount to nothing of consequence – the foundations have not been properly prepared.


Now you can resolve every one of these issues for your clients - or for yourself - by M.A.G.I.C!


This new Online Version of the course includes the fabulously effective LifeMapper® software. You will therefore be qualified at Consultant Level and have a free entry on the public database at:




SymbioDynamics® for personal coaching: Coaching is an ever-growing industry and this system is second to none. The methodology is simple to employ and easily decimates the destructive power of the hidden agenda. Clients want fast results these days - and that’s exactly what you can get.


SymbioDynamics® for stress management: Stress management and anxiety reduction were never simpler! This methodology empowers the client from the inside so that they rapidly begin to get back in charge of their life. The speed of change can be astonishing to even a highly experienced practitioner.

SymbioDynamics® for therapy: As well as providing a tool in its own right, SymbioDynamics® integrates seamlessly with most other therapy models and can greatly enhance the client experience, thus generating more recommendations. Because it has a logical base, it is also more likely to be accepted by those in the world of conventional medicine.

SymbioDynamics® in the corporate environment: When it comes to working with companies, this is a ready-made solution that will work 'right out of the box'. The option of a totally logical approach makes it acceptable to even the most sceptical manager.

Here is just a small taste of what you will be able to do with SymbioDynamics®:

  • Quickly establish a deeper-than-ever rapport with your client
  • Lay bare the true 'inner self' that is reponsible for success or failure
  • 'Flush out' hidden agenda and secondary gain
  • Maximise your client's chances of success
  • Ensure client confidence in and commitment to 'the process'
  • Totally decimate the fear of change
  • Create instant change of behavioural and thought processes
  • Dissolve internal/subconscious conflict almost instantaneously
  • Help your client to 'lock in' the changes they make
  • Help even the most analytical or sceptical client with M.A.G.I.C!
  • Work with industry and commerce in a variety of situations

The training seminars are intensive and because of this, the training is only available to therapists who are already qualified to practice level. It is eminently suitable for Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches, NLPers, and anybody who works with the processes of mind.


Next Course: Classrom based, weekend of September 14/15, 2019 - contact our licensed trainer, John Cinderey, for more details:


Course cost is only £260.00 (approx US$325.00)  with unlimited post-training support.