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Smashing Depression


Another great course from the Essex Institute to help you work effectively with the depressed client!


PLEASE NOTE: Ths course runs at the same time each week 


Based on Terence Watts' best selling book  'Smashing Depression' (all 5 stars on!) this 6 lesson course gives you an effective tool for all cases of mild to moderate depression.


Starting right from the beginning this course shows you how to open your client's eyes - wide - to thought patterns that they never even realised supported and actually strengthened their levels of depression!


"This course is proving one of the best approaches to treating depression I have encountered so far. My client left with a big grin on her face after the second session, which she entered feeling pretty low. Mum was with her, and said afterwards she loved the questions I asked, which enabled her daughter to view the depression from a different perspective... Useful both for the parent and for the client. I'd recommend this course (and the book) for anybody wanting to help with depression."
- John Taylor


For the therapist, depression can be one of the most taxing of presenting problems to work with - if only because it can be difficult getting the client to engage with the therapy in the first place.


This course dissolves that problem almost immediately (after a quick look at the possibility of the depression being the result of  undiagnosed medical condition) by getting the client started on the important task of recognising that there's not a self-help book, therapist, psychiatrist, guru, mystic, healer, magical fountain, grotto, river, sea, website or anything else in the world that can fix their problem on its own...  they have to participate. And you'll know exactly how to make that  far easier than they might ever have thought.


You'll get to work right away, introducing the client to a novel thought exercise using a Cheval Mirror (the sort of thing old-fashioned clothes shops used to have) and dynamic examples of:


  • Active versus reactive states
  • Catastophisation
  • A personality test based on depression responses
  • Acceptance
  • The Inevitabilty of Change
  • A stunning example of how stance affects mood
  • The 'magic smile'
  • High fiving yourself


You will also be able to 'crack' one of the most difficult aspects of depression, the hidden agenda.  Just the way you'll be able to work with that alone gives you an edge... and when you introduce the client to the 'deadly cousins' Arbut and Yerbut they will be hard pressed to avoid getting better in spite of themselves.


Using a structure similar to the highly successful Generalised Anxiety Disorder course, this one gives you a seven-session 'fix' that will help almost everybody who is well enough to sit in front of you and tell you they're suffering from depression. They won't aways need the whole seven sessions, and the tools this course will give you are invaluable. (It even includes a 'lite' version of BWRT.)


At only £199.00 for the entre course and supporting notes, you'll get your investment back with your first client.


The next course commences on Tuesday November 10, 2020,  7.30 pm - 8.30 pm (UK time)

PLEASE NOTE: This course runs at the same time each week



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