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A simple yet highly effective model for personal improvement and goal achievement.

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M.A.G.I.C! For minds is a mini-coaching course that can give big results, especially since it dovetails beautifully into so much else of Terence Watts' work. Fun for both client and therapist, this course is probably the easiest coaching methodology available today.


Specifically designed to make the achievement of personal goals easier than ever - it works like MAGIC!

M.A.G.I.C! is an acronym which stands for:

  • Motivation - enhancement of drive to high success levels
  • Allocation - to the part of personality needed to achieve success
  • Generation - of ideas and behaviour of either carrying out the plan or finding out how to carry it out
  • Imagination - testing the viability and likely outcome of the plan if implemented in its current form
  • Cooperation - between conscious and subconscious mind to ensure proper fruition of the plan
  • ! Stop! Think! Test! This is an exhaustive Forward Pacing exercise to lay bare any flaws in the plan

The course covers in detail an important facet of goal achievement and personal development which is often overlooked - the need for structure, even if that structure is in the subconscious. This is why some people make life look so easy, as if they already had some sort of 'MAGIC!' in operation... And perhaps they have, even if they don't know it!

This course will not only help your clients to achieve their wishes and goals more easily than they ever thought possible, but might even help YOU to overcome any blocks to success that you might have working in the background. It's a fact that subconscious limited thinking process are not just the province of the client - many, if not most, therapists harbour the same thing themselves. Not all, though... You are sure to have seen that there are therapists who are never short of clients, while others struggle to make even the barest living. They might put it down to location, premises, too many therapists, not enough support, or any one of a number of other rationalisations. And they might be right. But it could be just that they need a good dose of M.A.G.I.C! to prohibit limiting thoughts and find the success they are seeking!

You will learn how to work ultra-effectively with the three Virtual Personas:

  • The Magician to create and embrace the process of Change without fear

  • The Guardian to ensure the element of Protectiveness to safeguard self

  • The Warrior for the Assertiveness that is needed if any goal is to be achieved

The course shows how to use these three fundamental elements of success in perfect harmony, instantly raising optimism and self-belief, two of the most important personality traits of the successful individual. Set each persona to work on the part of the task that has been allocated and the results are often truly astounding!

The 'M.A.G.I.C! for Minds®' book by Terence Watts is included as part of this course along with full resale rights (currently, it sells at £19.99 from the Hypnosense website) for you to resell, or use as a promotional aid - you could offer it as a 'freebie' to all new clients, if you wish.


You can get this course Immediately! You will receive 6 x unedited complete video lessons, all course notes for each lesson, along with the 'Magic for Minds' book with full resale rights!

At only GBP150.00 for the entire course, it has to be a steal!