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LifeMapper 2019

The Original LifeMapper® 2003 was superb - the 2019 version is fantastic!

Next Course: Monday Septmber 23, 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm

LifeMapper® is a direction-finding, life-sorting programme for helping a client achieve their goals, whether the goal is for business, relationships or just general life improvement.


The LifeMapper® Excel Spreadsheet software makes what can sometimes be a frustrating and time-consuming task that guides a client to success like no other programme ever has before it!


Originally developed for use as an 'extra' for the "WSN' concept, it has proved to be so popular that it is offered now as a 3 lesson live and online 'mini course' - wherever you are in the world you can study this one!


It opens with the familiar personality test screen, the first stage of ensuring the client's stated goal is suitable for the personality attributes - an essential for success! Once complete we move into the Attribute selection process.



Here the client selects attributes that they want to work with and the intelligent software advises where the selection may not be optimal. It allows for limitless changes, tests, and adjustments - another vital part of goal-setting that is often missed! Next, comes the prioritisation screen.



Here is where the client and therapist begin to discover the limitations that must be resolved or 'parked' before the final plan for success is drawn - it's here where we discover the current levels of life satisfaction and the issues that have been getting in the way of success. Also, this is where the client might well discover they need to change one or two - or more - of their selected attributes... and the software makes that easy!


Finally, we move onto the mapping page, essentially a 'you are here' map with a guide for the client and therapist as to what has to happen to find success,



Once the plan has been made, it can be exported to PDF of printed to paper for the client - and the notes section allows the entry of all salient features, including therapy dates/times and any 'aide memoire' notes for the client. And the entire programme can be saved under the client's name so that you have it instantly available for future reference.


You will learn everything you need to know in this 3 lesson course, including the importance of the Fundamental Attribute, Prioritisation, Essential Attibutes and more. 


The fee of GBP 150.00 (GBP 100.00 if adding on to the WSN/WSN3 courses) inlcudes the software, the recordings of the lesson and all documentation. There's nothing else to pay, not even an annual license fee!


Next course: Monday September 23, 3.00 p m - 4.00 pm


Please note: Numbers on this course will be strictly limited.

Please remember to download the 'Instructions' file after enrolling!