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Generalised Anxiety Disorder


 And at the same time on subsequent Wednesdays, 6 lessons in all.

Fee for the entire course: GBP 249.00

Based on the Amazon Best-Seller: "Seven Ways & Seven Days to Banish Your Anxiety"


Please note: This is not a course for 'beginners' and enrolling on it confirms that you are already qualified in some way as a professional working with the psyche.


This course will show you how to use a structured 7-step programme which will relieve Generalised Anxiety Disorder in almost all cases - and will frequently alleviate the symptoms altogether. It's presented as seven separate sessions, though there is no dictate that says you must use everything shown and you will, of course, choose what you think will work best for your client.

"Watching / hearing / working along with the practical work is very effective... much better than just a lecture. Keep up the great work, Terence!"
- Colleen Copp


There are many exercises to choose from - but the 'Repairs' shown in each section of the work are even more powerful!

This is a 'standalone' programme which doesn't require the use of regression to cause or Hypnoanalytic techniques, and which includes a simplified 'Parts' style of working which will often provide relief from symptoms almost immediately.

Tried and Tested...

The programme is based on the therapeutic model employed by Essex Institute Principal, Terence Watts, for many years and which has been presented in book form for consumers. Entitled: Seven Ways and Seven Days to Banish Your Anxiety, it enjoys consistent sales and has received excellent reviews - but this is the only course where the method has been taught as a complete course in its own right. The book is included as part of the course and will usefully complement what you learn here.

The course covers, among many other elements:

  • A technique for instantly stopping anxiety by forcing a switch from emotion to logic

  • Using damaging internal self-talk against itself

  • Using a rapid switch between Dissociation and Association to drain the energy from negative stimuli

  • The 'Valuable You' repair routine

  • Story-telling that helps the client to understand in an instant that all anxiety is a response to something learned

  • The 'Mini Parts' session - easy to conduct even if you've never 'done' Parts work before!

  • How outrageous thinking really sets the mind free

  • The 'Four Sense' repair routine

  • The 'Central Core' repair routine

  • The amazing 'LifeLine Trick' and the best goal-setting routine you've ever seen!

In short, this 6 lesson course will give you more than enough material to deal with however your client's 'Generalised Anxiety Disorder' presents itself - and, as usual, there's the "Terence Watts Promise' that if you ever need extra advice on the subject for a specific client, it's only an email away!

Full Documentation

As with all our online courses, this is fully documented (besides the published book) to give you the best opportunity around of helping your clients with what is becoming a steadily more prevalent disorder being presented to therapists, 

The course is recorded for you to view at a time that suits you, or just to review it again if you feel the need so that you have a full understanding of the process. You need this course and at only £249.00 for the six lessons, it's a bargain!


Next course commences: Wednesday May 26, 2021, 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm (UK time)  And at the same time on subsequent Wednesdays, 6 lessons in all.


You can now choose to pay weekly if you prefer, with a small administration charge.

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