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Training and support in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy since 1999


Essentials of Successful Practice

On Demand Download edition

Especially designed for those who want to ensure their success in the field of therapy!

Whatever success means to you, one thing's for sure - no matter what others might tell you it will not happen without you knowing how to make it happen. All the manifestation and Universal Ordering in the word won't do it without you doing something...  and nobody became an overnight success overnight... 


This course is designed for those new to the healing professions or those who have struggled vainly to find success for too long, and will help you to get both feet on the first rung of the ladder. Terence started working as a therapist in 1989 and this course is based on his experiences of what works and what doesn't. 


 Everything you need is covered:


  • Finding and keeping clients
  • Avoiding the 'No Show'
  • Handling Difficult Clients (they DO exist!)
  • Specialisation - the how and why
  • Writing a promotional e-book
  • How to write and self-publish a book for consumers
  • Making your own recordings
  • Writing your own scripts
  • Developing multiple income streams
  • Making your website effective
  • Coping with setbacks
  • The Successful Therapist's Persona
  • Using bio-feedback and other equipment
  • Developing an online presence
Plus, of course, you can email any quesions about anything that you want to find out more about - and if Terence doesn't already know, he knows how to find out!
It is a fact that it is far easier to make an excellent income from a therapy practice than most therapists realise! This course will give you all the pointers and guides you need to get yourself on to the highest rung of the success ladder that's right for you. Terence Watts did it the hard way... now he's going to help you do it the easy way.
This is the perfect course for those whose practice just isn't earning as much as they want it to whether they are just starting out or have been struggling along for a few years!
You get the full unedited 6 lessons of the course and as much follow up support as you need for only GBP 130.00 - this is one where you really will earn you investment back many times over!
This course isn't called the 'Essentials of Successful Practice' for nothing so get it today!

Or buy each lesson individually at only GBP22.50 per lesson:

Lesson 1: How to draw clients to you and how to keep them; the magical power of the rule of seven. 

Lesson 2: The professional website; using the internet; the welcome video; a full online presence.

Lesson 3: Writing the perfect script; personality and frame of reference; compounding.

Lesson 4: Creating a seond income stream; Apps, books, MP3s; earning from other people's work.

Lesson 5: The background to real success; specialisation - the how and why; the successful persona.

Lesson 6: Client management; awkward people, easy answers; the importance of congruence.