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Training and support in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy since 1999


BroadBand for the Brain


One-day course: Tuesday January 30, 2024, 10.00 am - 5.00 pm (UK time)

(breaks: mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon)

'BroadBand for the Brain' works with the body as well as the mind!


Study in your own time zone.

All the lessons are recorded so you don't have to attend 'live' - you can study at a time that suits you and then email any questions you might have. Wherever you are in the world, you can study this great course with us.


Work ultra-effectively with the mind/body connection!

  • Anxiety, fear & Panic - work at stabilisation or deactivation
  • Insomnia - work with the limbic system
  • Over Eating - work with the Hypothalamus & Pancreas
  • Sexual Enhancement - work with arousal paths
  • Infertility - work with both females and males
  • Social Phobia - Work with frontal lobe neurones
  • Physical Energy - work with impulse control & limbic system
  • Pain Management - work with parietal cortex neurones
PLEASE NOTE that this course is not teaching you any form of medical work and your client will need to have received a medical consultation/diagnosis for some of the above conditions.


But that's not all...

There are many other situations that will respond to 'BB4B', in addition to which you will be able to devise your own methodologies using techniques such as:

  • The Viral Cascade: a virtual 'cellular intelligence Virus' (CIV) is introduced to carry out a 'binary self replication' process so that 8 cel;s become 16, 32, 64, 128. 256... etc. rapidly spreading through the whole body. This is useful when working with psychoneuroimmunology processes for management of illness.
  • Restimulation: visualising the energy being redirected to a different part of the body 'on the fly' - from the legs to the heart muscle, for instance. Restimulating the process in this way can help to keep the process active for longer than otherwise
  • Energy Cloning: the client can imagine cloning energy pathways created by therapy so that they can work, for instance, on both sides of the body. Though there is sometimes a 'tiredness price' later, this is idea for athletes, for example.
  • The Booster Switch: this works well when the client has visualised a connection switchboard as suggested in part of the script. It can have many uses: for continual healing or body repair during sleep; rapid healing, especially after surgery; improving circulation where it might be needed; strengthening the immune system by generating extra killer T cells, Helper T Cells and Regulatory T Cells when working with cancer.


What 'BB4B' actually is...

The methodology allows several units of information from the world around us to be processed simultaneously instead of just one at a time. For the technically-minded, this process would more accurately be thought of as 'Parallel Processing' as opposed to 'Serial Processing', terms which were frequently used in computing a few years ago to describe how information was input to a computer through either a 'parallel port' which processed many 'bits' of information at once and was therefore much faster than the 'serial port' which processed bits one at a time.

Most people these days, though, are much more aware that 'Broadband' means faster and always on and will respond to the term far more favourably. The following can be useful:

In a normal telephone line, there is just a single channel that carries all the bits of information one after the other and it can only do one thing at a time - the phone or the computer, for instance.

In Broadband, there are many more channels carrying the information all at once, which is why we can use the 'phone and the computer connection at the same time.

In our usual inherited thought processes we are using only one channel most of the time, just like the ordinary telephone line and this has to do all the processing and checking, so it uses all our energy.

When we operate 'BroadBand for the Brain®' it is just as if we open up many extra channels so that we can get the information much more quickly and allows us to have more energy.


Spare Capacity

It is well-known that for most of our waking life, we are not actually using anything like the amount of physical and psychological power that is actually available to us; and yet the human mind and body has an amazing capacity for massively increased strength and concentration under the right circumstances - usually involuntary situations in which we automatically activate 'reserve' neural pathways that increase the speed and intensity of the brain/body connection.

This is why, in an emergency, women have lifted cars off children and men have been known to run faster and jump higher than is normally considered humanly possible. When an emergency occurs, we often switch without thought into something akin to 'hyper-drive' that provides enhanced mental prowess and motor skills.

When we learn how to voluntarily access this reserve, we are able to completely 'retune' the way our brain/body connection works, even making changes actually below the level of our subconscious, in the Autonomic Nervous System.


BroadBand for the Brain® allows us to help our clients - and ourselves - to actually choose to access that 'spare' energy and resource that is there for the taking - we can work below the level of even the subconscious, using hypnosis, to psychotherapeutically reprogramme the Autonomic Nervous System.

A Complete Training

In this class you will receive full information and illustrated fact sheets for future reference concerning the important (as far as this therapy concerned) area of the brain and body, including:

  • Outer Brain Areas: Frontal Lobe, Parietal Cortex, Temporal Lobe, Cerebellum, Occipital Lobe.
  • Inner Brain Areas: Amygdala, Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Hippocampus, Olfactory System, Brain Stem - Midbrain, Pons, Medulla.
  • Body: Coloured illustration of location of all main organs, plus specialised description and illustration of reproductive system of both males and females.


Much of your work with clients will be interactive, enhancing their understanding of the mechanisms at work and involving them in their own healing processes - the results can be phenomenal, especially when incorporating elements of BWRT® (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) into the therapeutic methodology.

Everything you need to be effective with 'BB4B' is included in the course:

  • Induction protocols designed specifically for 'thinkies', 'feelies' and 'don't knows'.
  • Protocols for the installation of important 'auto-switches'.
  • The full 'BroadBand for the Brain' book from which this course was created.
  • The specific areas you need of BWRT®.
  • Specific symptom questionnaire for the client presenting with sexual problems.
  • Test sheets to illustrate the power of BB4B to your client and therefore enhance belief.
  • Information sheets about the Sympathetic Nervous System & Parasympathetic Nervous System.
  • Important information about Lymphocytes and their role in healing.

This is going to be a great course, one you won't want to miss - book now!

Next one-day course: Saturday January 29, 2022, 10.00 am - 5.00 pm (UK time)

The complete course is priced at £299.00 for the entire course, which includes the enhanced issue of the 'BroadBand for the Brain' book (Includes much additional material)