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Training and support in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy since 1999


Brief Interventions

NEXT COURSE STARTS:  Monday October 7, 2019, 7.30 pm - 8.45 pm

A 6-lesson live and online video course, all recorded for future viewing or reviewing.


What exactly are 'Brief Interventions'?

They are a whole collection of the 'in session session changers' created by Terence Watts during his career as a therapist since 1989. Traditional in style - not showy, dazzling, ultra modern or 'slick' - and elegant in presentation, these are 'devices' which you can introduce at any point during a session as necessary. They are brief interventions for quick change that your clients will love, easily understand, and be able to use for themselves if necessary at some point in the future. They will help you to effortlessly:


  • Bypass resistance
  • Dissolve hidden agenda
  • Release guilt blocks
  • Quell anxiety flares


Creative, inspirational, enjoyable and above all effective, they allow you make those near-instantaneous changes that we all need to be able to do sometimes without breaking stride. They provide you with an effortless set of tools that are easy to learn and remember and are designed to completely hold and focus your client's attention.


Logical and Practical

One of the great things about what you will learn here is that every intervention has a logical and practical base using everyday situations and concepts (there's even one that uses Marmite to dispel anger!) to work their magic. None of them take more than a few minutes to deliver and all of them are based on concepts the client will easily recognise and  understand. Terence is well-known for developing innovative and creative processes and these brief interventions - most of which have never been taught before - are no exception. Reframes are boring in comparison!


Hypnotic inductions

Most of these interventions work with or without hypnosis but you will also learn two inductions in this course. One is quick, pretty much irresistable, and produces an intense focus; the other is faster and gets the client into a good working state of hypnosis in a few seconds with no touching, finger-snapping or other showman-like effects. It's designed for the client, rather than for the therapist!


The brief interventions covered will include:


  • Dissociation and distancing 
  • Getting over 'stuff' 
  • Insulation techniques 
  • Coping strategies 
  • Guilt release 
  • Discovery 
  • Symbolic removel of symptoms
  • Inner child, outer sage
  • Faster 'WSN'
  • Speedy parts
Everything has been used to great success with clients over and over again and will provide you with a 'quick change toolbox' that you will love!


Please note
Large parts of this course will be experiential, so the numbers wll be strictly limited. You won't need to participate if you don't want to - you can just sit back and watch how I work wth a volunteer, or even several volunteers at once.


The six-lesson course commences Monday October 7, 2019, 7.30 pm - 8.45 pm - at only GBP 150.00 for the enitre course, documentation and vidoe recordings, this is excellent value!


You can now choose to pay weekly if you prefer. A small admin charge will be  included.

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