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Anger Management


The Essex Institute Anger Management Course


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Anger is one of the most fundamental of human psychological responses and probably has its roots in the survival mechanism of our earliest ancestors.


The response itself emanates from the amygdala, part of the earliest brain, and is triggered by the recognition of a stimulus by the brain stem, or ‘Lizard Brain’.  So it could be said that anger is an expression of fear... which is why it can be so profound, of course!


Anger is almost certainly the oldest emotional response in existence and probably universal to all animals. That’s not the only reason it’s so difficult to control or manage though… it's because the brain starts to react to a stimulus around 1/3 of a second before we know it, so by the time we become aware of anger, it's already in full flow! 


Different types of anger...

There are various types of anger and each needs a slightly different approach as therapy is concerned. They are:

  • Retaliatory: This is the situation where the individual responds to all or most challenges with anger
  • Residual: Lurking deep in the psyche and expressed whenever the opportunity arises
  • Chronic: The individual with chronic anger is angry all the time for no specific reason
  • Spontaneous: Anger is expressed ‘out of the blue’ in somebody who is in the normal way balanced
  • Situational: Self-evident. The individual only gets truly angry under certain situations, that may or may not be peculiar to self
  • Controlling: This is where anger is used to keep others subservient. The domain of the ‘bad’ boss or bullying parent or spouse
  • Defensive: Defensive anger arises where the individual is not easily able to express their reasoning for a situation. Might indicate a cheat.


The Problem

Anger carries a particular problem with it though: because it’s linked to survival, evolution has seen to it that it only truly subsides once the perceived threat has been dealt with or otherwise passed, and even then it’s usually some time before the anger impulse is fully discharged. And while it’s there, it ends to override or colour just about every other psychological experience.


After all it’d be no good firing aggression up as the result of a threat to life, only for it to subside while the threat was still present, or for it to fall prey to some distraction.


The Course

This online course comes comprises 6 unedited online classroom sessions and includes full documentation. It's valid for half the annual CPD/CEU for all the major hypnotherapy organisations, as well as the CNHC. You will learn how to work specifically with each type of anger and which interventions to use for the best response. 


Everything you need is included:

  • The 'Anger Latch' and 'Anger Drain' scripts
  • A brief induction that can produce an incredibly deep state
  • A longer 'indeepener' for those who need more work
  • A video recording of each class for later viweing or reviewing 
  • Several other neat 'mind gadgets' to make the work easy.


This six-lesson course is now availble on demand and can be downloaded instantly!


It costs only GBP150.00 for the entire course - excellent value!