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Training and support in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy since 1999


Ageing Unplugged


Coaching for ageing without getting old!

The next Ten-lesson 'live and online' course commences on March 29, 2022 10.30 am - 12.00 pm (UK time)


 (Recorded for later viewing or reviewing)

Just one of the powerful processes you will learn is how to boost telomerase. This lengthens the telomere 'caps' on your DNA and enhances health and longevity.


The complete course includes material on:

  • Maintaining total positivity 
  • Avoiding every 'age-indentification' process
  • Goal setting for the whole of life
  • Dealing with mortality fears
  • Total release of anxiety and stress
  • The absolute Importance of wanting
  • Age-related personality work
  • Total release of past regret or grief
  • Benign acceptance of that which cannot be changed
  • Superior pain management
  • Superior hypertension management
  • Resolving the hidden agenda

and loads more, all related to the way the psyche changes and self-limits with age and how to make positive change.


The Ageing Unplugged® programme is designed specifically to energise the psyche, creating an energy and zest for life that is so much a part of the youthful persona!  


The training will give you all the tools you need to work with everybody from the relatively young exec who wants to prepare well for age, to the 'very senior' individual who wants to rediscover youthful enthusiasm and vitality. 


Purpose built, this 60,000 word course has a powerful structure at its heart and an entire suite of programmes and techniques to lift and inspire all ages, 


In addition, it's created in such a way that it allows you to easiljy 'plug in' just about any therapeutic skill you have as a 'client-centric' extra. You'll be able to get results for just about any age-group and any personality,


So what will I learn?

Everything you need to be successful when working in this rapidly growing area! The course covers everything from the initial assessment and guides you through all 4 stages of the programe, covering a huge amount of ground along the way, with material like: 


The Assessment

This looks at: the way the client functions, any physical health issues, general demeanour, ability to 'focus', logically or emotionally orientated, functional personality mode, presence of any contra-indicators and the likelihood of their embracing change - at the end of this session you will be able to accurately advise the client as to what they can achieve by working with you.


Stage One 

This first work stage starts commences with material that is easy to grasp and helps the client to recognise that change will come from within them - with our help. It explores secondary gain, loneliness, acceptance, simple Parts work, simple meditation, diet and exercise, and hypnosis. This stage covers a huge amount of foundation work to really lift the client's spirits and 'way of being' over several sessions that can be run weekly, monthly, or on an 'ad hoc' basis. Flexibility is built in!


Stage Two

Here, we 'up the ante' a little with a reality check on beliefs about others and self, making plans for the future, The 'Act of Will', the Positive Mental Attitude, cortisol, telomerase and telomeres, the fear of death, instinctive response to problems and a look at how past slights, hurts, dismissals and rejections have left their mark - marks we can erase. By now, our client is beginning to find a new energy and vitality in life and we can help them to discover a whole new 'way of being'.


Stage Three 

This part of the programme moves into some highly effective and profound work associated with effective self hypnosis using the amazing 'Brain Stem induction', the Central Core exercise to clear deep negative limitations absorbed during the formative years, discharging guilt, be it warranted or uwarranted, and finally the M.A.G.I.C! personal coaching process. Every session during this stage of the work allows us to show the client how to create profound change deep in the psyche, below the level of can't, won't, mustn't, so that can, will, must become the 'new normal'


Stage Four

The final and ongoing stage concentrates on the effective use of all that has gone before, plus the astonishingly powerful 'Stop and Adopt' process, the full YOU protocol for maximum personal development, resolution of conflict between the passive and active parts of self, and goal achevement. This is deep-rooted and sustainable self-improvement on steroids!


Dedicated Website

There is a dedicated website with a searchable database and the course fee includes free registration. (


Fee: GBP 450.00 The fee includes registration on the 'Ageing Unplugged' database, all course notes and video lessons. 

 Please note: Numbers are strictly limited on this course

Next Course: March 29, 2022, 10.30 am - 12.00 pm (UK time)


You can now choose to pay weekly if you prefer - a small admin charge will be added and the lesson price will be GBP 47.50

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