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Training and support in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy since 1999


The YOU Protocol

A Single 75 Minute Class To Restore YOU! 

(or anybody else for that matter!)


The YOU Protocol is a single 75 minute online and experiential class that will allow you to recapture the enthusiasm and energy of youth while keeping the wisdom you've acquired with age!


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For the first few years of your life, you have the energy, enthusiasm and vitality to overcome all sorts of setbacks - not just once but again and again.


But then life happens...


Gradually, imperceptibly, little by little, the put-downs, setbacks and admonishments eat away at that youthful vigour unitl you realise one day that you've somehow lost... something, The Spark that used to fire up to have fun, the Spark that was the essence of you that, just for a while, could cease to care what others thought.


The trouble is that by the time you realise it's gone, you've acquired something else in its place: a profound belief that this is just the way you are and although it's not what you would choose, it's all there is.


But it's not!


That's nothing more than an acquired belief brought about by the built in survival processes of the human psyche. As far as the brain is concerned, if what you've done has led to survival, best keep on doing it. So you keep on believing things like:


  • I feel like a fraud
  • I'm not as clever as people think
  • Other people think I'm stupid
  • I don't recognise my true potential
  • Being assertive doesn't work for me
  • I'm just an inferior being
  • Things just don't work properly for me
  • Showing my skills will lead to ridicule
  • I'm too concerned what others think
  • Liking the way I am is a bad thing


and a whole lot more negative things besiides. And the brain will keep you thinking every one of them because it has learned that they keep you safe. After all, you're still here, aren't you?


But the YOU Protocol will let you reacquire the energy, enthusiasm and vitalty that is the real you... the Spark - and if you didn't have a great deal of it in the first place, the YOU Protocol will totally dismiss what was keeping it suppressed to begin with!


This is a single class during which you will learn a simple and effective routine to work on every bit of acquired negativity. Little by little, day by day you could find yourself recovering feelings and energies that you might not even remember you ever had! And as a bonus, you will learn a unique and immensely effective brief induction!


This 75 minute class is only £25.00 and it's all recorded for you to keep as a reference if you need it - and it comes with support notes, too!