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Essex Institute

Training in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Start your education to become a hypnotherapist
Our school has delivered accredited hypnosis and hypnotherapy training in the UK since 1999


"I completed the foundation course in 2004 and the advanced course in 2009. Both courses were comprehensive and the support materials, hands on experience and tuition provided were outstanding. These courses enabled me to set up my own Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy business, which has not only changed mine and my families lives, but also the lives of many satisfied clients along the way. Thank you EICH!"
- Robet Fairhead


International Advanced Diploma

Online International Advanced Diploma

Achieve an Advanced Therapist award from an International Institute *

The Online International Advanced Diploma confers immediate eligibility for registration at Member level with these two major Professional Associations (membership fees will apply):

The educational programme is constructed in modular form so that you can join at the beginning of any module. To achieve the diploma award, you will need to gain a total of 100 units or more from the modules listed below - the unit value of each is shown, along with start dates and tutorial times. (These courses can also be accessed via our Online Study page.)


There's no need for a formal application for this diploma, since every course you take is automatically listed, along with the study points gained, in your account. When you have acquired the 100 points, you can elect to complete a brief portfolio of your studies in order to receive the award.

Prior Learning: If you've already completed one of these courses, either in our school or online, you can count it as 60% of the unit value shown below (i.e. If you've completed the WSN 1, it will be worth 6 units). All BrainWorking students from 2013 can count that module as 20 units. If you intend to include past learning in your Advanced Diploma studies, you must write to tell us, giving us the date you completed each training. You will also need to submit written work as shown in section three of 'Your Commitment' later on this page.

Three of the modules are mandatory but you may choose from any of the others to make up your 100 units - and there's no need to make all your choices immediately, since you complete each module individually and can choose which one to study next. In fact, the only limitation is the start date of each module, which is fixed.

Modules Available

(Click on any of the titles for more information)

Module & Fee


Date and time (UK)

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy™
10 Tutorials | £399.00  Mandatory class

20 See page for next course dates
Psychosexual Dysfunction
12 tutorials | £350.00

20 See Page for next course dates
Warriors, Settlers & Nomads
10 tutorials | £240.00 Mandatory Class

20 See Page for next course dates
Serious Work
6 tutorials | £120.00 Mandatory Class

15 See Page for next course dates
6 tutorials | £120.00

10 See page for next course dates
Generalised Anxiety Disorder
6 tutorials | £120.00

10 See page for next course dates
Practical Analysis & Regression
12 tutorials | £240.00

20 See page for next course details
12 tutorials | £240.00

20 See page for next course details
BroadBand for the Brain
6 tutorials | £120.00

10 See page for next course details

Relationship Repair  
6 Tutorials | £120.00


10 See page for dates and times

Generalised Anxiety Disorder  

6 Tutorials | £120.00


10 See page for dates and times
Essentials of Successful Practice 
6 Tutorials | £120.00
10 See page for dates and times

Payment is per module, so there's no need for a large outlay up front, and everything is recorded so that if you are not able to attend a tutorial 'live' for any reason you can view it at a time that suits you. So even time zones and your location are no bar to achieving this advanced diploma.

It's simple to join - you don't need any special equipment because the tutorials run in your browser in PC or MAC and you will be able to view the recording of your class over and again as often as you wish - a fantastic training and education resource. You won't be on video yourself, so you can be as comfortable as you like in your own environment, wherever in the world you are. There could hardly be a more relaxing way to learn!

Your Commitment

You have only 3 commitments to achieve your diploma:

  1. You can choose when to take each module but you do need to complete every tutorial within it.
  2. If part of any tutorial is not clear to you, you will ask for clarification.
  3. You will need to write a brief resume of each module, illustrating how you might incorporate the material into your work and what presenting difficulties you might use it for, to be submitted directly to Terence Watts. This allows any misconceptions that might have arisen to be clarified.

There's no contract to sign, no commitment to complete any series of tutorials, no time limits - you can decide to cease or suspend your studies at any time with no obligation

Our Commitment

We guarantee to record all classes for later access/downloading and to provide professional documentation for each module. We also guarantee post-tutorial support, clarification, help and advice via email as necessary

* You will need to show that you have completed primary attendance-based training in hypnosis to diploma level (In the UK: DHP, Dip H., Dip Hyp or similar; in the USA: CHt. or similar.

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