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Essex Institute

Training in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Start your education to become a hypnotherapist
Our school has delivered accredited hypnosis and hypnotherapy training in the UK since 1999


"In 2005 I completed my courses with The Essex Institute under the excellent tuition and guidance of my fantastic mentor Terence. I absolutely loved my courses because Terence made each session so interesting that I couldn't wait for the following session knowing that I would learn even more. What an amazing insight into the workings of the human mind something that since my time with Terence has never ceased to fascinate me and which has enabled me to be in a position to help people which is my forte. I am truly grateful to Terence for his endless patience and his total honesty, no subject taboo attitude which is vital given the nature of our work and great preparation for challenging situations. He fed my thirst for knowledge constantly and gave me the confidence I have when dealing with my clients who all comment on how comfortable they feel with me, all thanks to Terence. I would never hesitate to recommend Terence and his wonderful colleagues who are also a constant support system for me to turn to, I am so grateful for the opportunity I had because I love my work"
- Valerie Mulcare-Tivey


Specialist Courses

Specialist Training Courses

Currently, we have three specialist courses:

  1. Psychosexual Dysfunction Diploma It was the creation of this training for professional therapists that earned Terence Watts the 'MCGI' (Member of the City and Guilds Institute, equivalent to a British Masters Degree) Now taught online, more details are available on the dedicated page for this course. Go there now

  2. Serious Work for Serious Issues As the name implies this is a course that gives you the resources to provide palliative care and help for such serious condictions as Cancer, I.B.S., Hypertension and more. An online course, you can find out more on the dedicated page. Go there now

  3. Broadband For Brains This amazing course allows you to work with the autonomic Nervous system to make changes to bodily functions - it amazes all who learn it. Go there now

All materials are included on each course - there is nothing else to pay out for. The first course is of 12 x 90 minutes lessons, the second and third are each of 6 x 75 minutes lessons.


All three courses are designed for experienced therapists only and you will need to have completed basic training, since each course assumes an at least average knowledge of the processes of hypnosis.

Why Specialise?
When you specialise in a particular problem or ailment, it is far easier to promote yourself as a true 'expert' in the field - and that means a greater chance of referrals from other therapists as well as conventional medical practitioners and consultants.

Our specialist courses provide a convenient way for the busy professional therapist to extend their skills and enhance their professional image - no need to enrol on classes which cover much of the ground that you already learned.

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